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You guys just want to use it for free, but you don’t want to contribute anything, so you can’t copy the string, I think there is nothing wrong with it.

You are probably a good nice person sharing it with VK or whatever, the facebook page has 9 likes, so seems there are some more doging like you.. But you know nothing about me or my contributions. You are wrong in your assumptions. I want to know what triggers the limitation, because it is not written anywhere. That should be fair play? And is it really safe for students to send in their IDs to the author? wow. Smells fishy, makes me wonder what more is hidden in the code and suddenly pops up in your face. Constructive feedback: Please be clear and honest about the limitations, because this software seems really really professional and good, and hiding these kind of surprises in the appearance of giving it away for free (freeware), is misleading and sends an untrustworthy message.

“But, if you need to use the advanced features of Anytxt for free for a long time, you just need to share it. thanks.”

What is the definition of “a long time” in this case? for me it was about 3-4 days i think. How much was it if you don’t want to recommended it like “personally” to your friends on facebook? 70 dollars? I personally have no interest in being forced to post something on my personal timeline. It is about a matter of principle.

The PNG, BMP and other images were not available in the selection, but after a reinstall and few restarts the problem solved it self. Thanks for the support.