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1. Index happens immediately after opening the software. It should not index file and ask for the user to select a drive or folder when user opens the app the first time.
Because some users don’t know how to set these up. If you want to change these options, please configure it in Tool->Index Manager. We will also optimize these settings in the future.

2. There is a option to start/stop the index, however no configuration or setting is available to select the drive or folder to be indexed instead of the whole PC to be indexed.
You can do it in the Anytxt Menu->Tool->Index Manager->File Types.

3. Need an export option to export the search results. Need an export option to export the matched paragraphs in the files
Yes, this feature will be add.

4. Need tamil language in the language option
Could you please help me to do this?

5. Need compare option between searched files with one another where the text is matched after search results are published
Sorry, I don’t quite understand what it means…

6. Exact word search is required like Whole match. example. assume a sentence exist in text folder as – “there is a portion of”. However whole match searches if i give “there is portion of”. however if i give “there is por” – it is not fetching the file. so exact word search is different from whole match search. Fuzzy search is altogether different. Please add couple of options
Anytxt has been optimizing the search algorithm, between speed and results, it will do better.

7. Able to install Anytext in any windows cloud environment and provide a search option to be accessed via internet. Is there a way to install and do the search via remote interface. I think currently it is not possible.
This feature will be released in 2022