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Hahaha, Everything does a great job, but his full-text search seems to call the system’s own service, it is not ideal to use, I just want AnyTXT to integrate it, just don’t need to switch between the two tools, The search aspect is perfect! (Of course, this is just a suggestion.)

In the past two days, I found some small problems during use:

1.AnyTXT does not seem to do index priority processing. I did a test and created a small TXT file on the desktop, and then searched the content after a while. I didn’t find it. I tried to click to update the index immediately. It took a few minutes. Search again, still not found. Finally, it took about half an hour to search. Maybe you can try to do a whitelist priority index function, for example, most people’s documents are placed on the system default path or desktop, then these positions will be updated first when the index starts, or let the user choose to preferentially update route of. Be aware that this is a very useful feature for computers that are not very powerful.

2. My CPU is ryzen 3700X, SSD is Samsung 970 Evo plus, this performance specification has far exceeded most personal computers. But it has not been well utilized. At least this is the case in rebuilding the index. It seems that there is only one conservative strategy, and the index update speed is not very fast. I think there should be an update speed, high performance, medium performance, low performance, and energy saving, so as to make better use of computing resources and speed up the update speed.

3. For ordinary users, there is no clear completion status for updating the index. I don’t know whether it is updated or whether he is still updating. If he can’t find it during the search, he can’t be sure that his keywords are wrong. Or is there really no such file, or the software is not good enough to find? Perhaps a prompt should be added to indicate whether the index status is complete. This is convenient for users to make more intuitive judgments.

The above is what I feel flawed when using. After all, AnyTXT is still very young and there is still room for improvement.

Looking forward to your reply.