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Chirag Ravak

Dear KeyMaster / Admin

Thank you, I will try, but i am afraid !! that if you first install OCR version, you can’t stop indexing images,

Though, you remove extensions, from indexing options & though you overwrite Text Version.  because

Seems now, indexing size  become huge, may be due to past images indexing data not deleted from its indexed database.

& its currently also running  images  in background.  (that just guess)

But can you  guide, we can completely uninstall without deleting indexed data?

& if re-install only text version reduce index size & not required indexing start from scratch?

I actually only just indexed required folders only, not whole system, but it’s size before indexing is about 13 GB,
after install OCR version,its become 20 GB (though selected folders only) , I realised that it’s not required currently,
so i overwrite text version,  but that not reduced indexed data’s  size from 20 GB to lower,
so i guess that if indexed 1 time its not reduced indexed data if you remove extentions, of folders from targeted locations.

Am i right? or wrong? is indexed database size is dynemic? based on aading or removing locations, & extentions?

So please provide finally what can i do? completely uninstall with indexed data & install text version & start from scratch? Or COmpletely uninstall witout deleting  indexed data? Can this reduce my indexed database size?

PLease Help, Anyway , thanks again for your this great helping effort to this universe.

Chirag Raval