AnyTXT is fantastic but i need it to be portable. Any advice appreciated

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    I have spent countless hours looking for a search solution for this particular application I have and AnyTXT ticks more boxes than anything else I’ve found so far and its functionality and layout etc would actually achieve the desired objective – albeit not completely ideal but ideal enough.

    Unfortunately using an installer isn’t an option in this case as the knowledge base of information to be searchable wants to be portable and kind of self-contained in a sense.

    This is the first post I’ve made anywhere asking for advice and that’s basically because I’m just totally out of ideas and would thoroughly appreciate some fresh input.

    Below is a list of everything I’ve researched and tried so far and either found unsuitable for the application or that I didn’t have the knowledge or skills necessary to customise.

    AnyTXT Searcher
    Apache Solr –
    Cerebro App – open-source productivity booster with a brain
    Common Resource Grep
    Free Find – Site Search Engine
    Goggles for desktop & Internet
    Heritrix: Internet Archive Web Crawler download
    Index Your Files
    Krugle – software development productivity
    MindRaider download
    Open Semantic Framework
    Open Semantic Search
    OpenSearchServer – OSS
    OpenWebSpider download
    Search Maker Pro – search engine software
    Searchdaimon Open Source Enterprise Search
    Sphinx (search engine)
    WebLech URL Spider download


    The application is of a philanthropic nature in a sense so there’s no money to be made etc. But that doesn’t mean I’m only looking for a free solution – I would put that money in myself just to see this thing materialise quite happily as I’ve been working on it a long time and it represents more than 20 years of research.

    Best regards and many thanks in advance for any good advice or point in the right direction.




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    Hello, friend.
    We will release a portable guide in next version. In fact, Anytxt is portable, just pack the installation directory(without .db files), and paste it to a new PC, then run ATGUI.exe. That’s all. Anytxt will work fine on new PC.

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    Dolphin Lover

    If it is portable, Do you have Linux and Mac installation of AnyTxt as well?

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    Hi, you mean the Anytxt search engine needs to be portable, right?

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    Do you mean the index database can share to others? And, some can do searching based on the shared index.

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    Kurtis M

    The problem with making Anytext Searcher portable is the database is based on the documents available on the local machine copying the database to a portable format doesn’t allow the indexed file to be retrieved on another machine. You can manually install anytext under the local user without admin rights or on a thumb drive you just need to set the tools index manager index storage path to a writeable location on the local machine such as  C:/user/{username}/AppData/Local/Anytext/ putting the databases in AppData/Local keeps the database aligned with the data available on that device, note however based on the amount of data to be indexed these databases can become very large and take days to create. AnyText runs natively on Windows and can be run on Linux using Wine.

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    This can be easily resolved by having the program start checking to be the same machine.
    And if not, you can ask if you can make a new index for that machine.
    Leaving all the files inside the same AnyTXT folder would eliminate all that hassle, too.
    At least, that’s what I understand.

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