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    I had AnyTXT running on my system for a while now and I love it; it has become my go-to search engine for local files.  It was working just great until recently when I had to refresh/reload my system. I reinstalled the app, and now I’m getting some odd behavior where it doesn’t seem to be indexing all files in my OneDrive related folders, despite those folders being set to “Always keep on this device” in OneDrive/Explorer, accessible to me via CMD prompt, and appropriately returning in local drive searches with Locate32.  I use the exact same search phrase in AnyTXT that I use in Locate32 and I don’t get the same returns on plain txt files, specifically those in the OneDrive path despite the above mentioned factors.

    Any idea what I need to change?  I’ve tried indexing with the Rule on the txt files (as a test) set to the default of Only Exclude specific folder(s) with the c:\windows as the only entry, All ‘.txt’ files will be included, and Only include the following paths with all pertinent paths defined including the OneDrive ones (again, that are set to reside locally on my drive always so its not just in the cloud), restart app after each attempt, reindex, and then execute the search, but it isn’t included in the results, despite showing up in Locate32 with the same search phrase on “file containing text” after reindexing with that app as well.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, Keith

    Thank you for your feedback. We will test the OneDrive device and try to fix the issue.

    Thanks again

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