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    Tim Scully

    I have about 5 TB of data and nearly 2 million files. When I let AT index everything, it stopped indexing way before indexing all the files. I couldn’t find any documentation of the various limits associated with AT so I poked around experimenting. It looks to me like the data base files can’t get much bigger than about 5 GB and it looks as though the software won’t index more than about 65,000 items of one type.

    It would be user-friendly to let people know if a limit was exceeded and if so which limit or limits. It would be nice if users with a system having plenty of resources could raise some of those limits.


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    Pablo I

    Hi Tim, thanks for sharing your experience with AnyTxt (I’m an end user too)

    We recently started using AnyTxt and found it really useful and powerful. We have a smaller set of files than yours, about 250,000 files and 500 GB. It seems to us that AnyTxt was able to successfully index all of our files (PDF, Doc/x, Xls/x, Ppt/x, and a few txts) Our most “popular” file type is PDF with around 85,000 documents and it looks like they were all indexed

    Our largest AnyTxt database file is just under 5 GB, so I can’t tell you if larger database files would work OK

    Hopefully, the developer of AnyTxt can reply to this thread and let us know if there are any limits (that he knows of) or not

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    Hello Tim:
    We take this issue very seriously, please send an email to directly.
    And we have a new beta version specifically for big data.

    Thank you.

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