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    in addition to me previous post anytxt search needs to be able to search like this

    “quantum physics” “time travel”

    i.e. find document that contains both phrases “quantum physics” and “time travel”

    currently i cannot do this using Fuzzy or Whole Words. however DOCFETCHER allows this via using the quotation marks

    Anytxt really must be like google desktop search. it is not.

    you need to allow all boolean search syntax

    space = AND

    | = OR

    ” … ” = phrase

    – = exclude

    search example 1: dog cat -rabbit

    it finds documents with words dog AND cat but excludes the document if contain the word rabbit

    search example 2: “quantum physics” “time travel” jump

    it finds documents containing phrases “quantum physics” AND “time travel” AND jump

    i hope this helps to make ANYTXT the best ever

    Thank you in advance for providing such a best tool. I would be happy to donate now or pay fair licence fee when all bugs and features are fixed e.g. version 2.0


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    Regular expressions are better for full-text search, but Anytxt doesn’t seem to support Regex either.

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    Hi, Fibonacci.
    Search options feature is already planned.
    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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