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    Capn Nemo

    Hi, this seems like a great tool. Is it open-source? I have security concerns.

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    Capn Nemo

    I see it is distributed on Sourceforge but only as compiled executables. This is very unusual. Makes me a bit worried.

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    Yes, Anytxt will not be open source, but it is absolutely secure and will not steal any user data. Just like Everything, we will release the SDK, thank you

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    I like this program a lot and wish it would allow indexing PDFs over 50 MB. If it for example could index Britannica encyclopedia (200-300mbs) it would be really great!

    Just of curiosity, regarding the topic. What does this code in ATGUI.exe do? (sorry, it is badly extracted)

    Thanks for this great software.

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    Hello. This code is for google analytics.

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