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    First thank you for developing and creating a file contents text search tool.  You’ve taken an initiative so well done.  Just tried the tool and found it doesn’t really perform the required task but its close, with a few minor tweaks.  Would like to suggest a simpler version of your tool that would probably be very useful to many.  Many files, particularly programming/coding scripts, are text based regardless of their extension name.  Also, more often than not, searches are required for a specific folder and its sub-folders rather than trying to index a file search for the whole entire system.   This is what is suggested:

    1) By default assume only a specific folder will be search.  If the user wants to search their entire drive, then make that a separate option as this is very time-consuming and folks, these days, have very large drives (terabytes and takes forever to index, results change frequently requiring constant updating and is processor intensive, etc.).

    2) Include an ‘all’ files extension option which truly search every single file in the folder without first having to manually add every single file-extension type to the “All files” search option.  When I tried using the “All file types” option no results were returned although I knew files should have been returned, but they were missed because the file extensions had not yet been manually setup first in the “All file” extensions category.  Just include an option that will truly search every single file in the folder and its sub-folders regardless of the extension.

    3) By default do not save the search results because folder contents change too frequently.  Include the indexing search results as an option, but not by default.  Search results should be live.

    Basically I just want to go into a sub-folder, type in a few key-words, and have a tool that will search every single file in that folder and its sub-folders looking for any/all filenames & path, that have the key words I’m looking for and it should be able to do this right-out-of-the-box.   Simple functionality.



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