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    Hi Developer,

    I must say this is one of the best program I have been experiencing for the ability to do such a powerful search across my personal library, but I must report it to you that I have to uninstall it because of this critical issue.

    I am running the OCR version on Win10. Everytime the PC turns on, Anytxt (with ATOHelper.exe of course) starts automatically before I login to desktop even though I already have that option unticked. There’s neither an option in Task Manager to prevent the auto-start. Then the ATOHelper.exe starts to use all avaliable compuing power to build the catalogue (without progess report), making my fan so noisy all the time and, more importantly, affecting my personal CPU needs.

    It come to a neccesity to unistall it for now and turn to find other solutions, but I sincerely suggest you please make an update for this issue, ATOHelper.exe itself is great, but please let us have the control for “when” and “how hard” it should be doing its job.

    And I must thank you for such a great program again.


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    P.S I have tried to stop the processes in Task manager but it keep comes back automatically, which is really weired.

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    Hello, please try the latest version.
    We have limited the CPU and memory usage of OCR, you can also try the non-OCR version.

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