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    Hi everyone,

    thank you for this excellent software.

    I experiment a strange behaviour, I will describe it by an example.

    I have a set of Excel files, some of which contain the word “Black”.

    If I search, by AnyTXT, the string “Black”, the right files are found.

    If I search the string “Blac”, the same files are found (which is correct from my point of view; because there are no files

    that contain “Blac” but not “Black”).

    But if I search the string “lac”, it doesn’t find anything (instead I would expect it to find, at least, the same files).

    Can you help me to understand?

    Thanks in advance

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    This is not strange at all to me, if you parse the topics here you’ll find quite a few requesting REGEX capabilities, that is searching with wildcards.

    In order to find “lac” the app should in fact be capable of searching for *lac* and from what I see that’s not possible now, Admin is quiet when such questions are asked.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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