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    Tim Scully

    I have a very large file collection which takes hours to reindex. For quite a few versions ANYtxt insisted on deleting the database and reindexing from scratch if the index service was running when the computer was shut down. I had to remember to stop the index service before shutting my computer down for the night or else I’d be unable to use the search tool for hours the next morning.

    I haven’t been installing every new version. You haven’t published any release notes letting us know what’s new which might have motivated me to do that. I still use the non-OCR version of your software because the OCR version I tried (1.2.1039) didn’t index even all of my text files and it did not OCR any of my image-only PDF files. In other words the OCR version produced a much smaller and less complete data base than the non-OCR version!

    I finally updated at version 1.3.1071 (non-OCR) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was usually possible to shut down my computer without stopping indexing service and still find the database intact. I hoped that method you had addressed that problem.

    So I recently tried upgrading to 1.3.1112 (non-OCR). The problem of the database being deleted and a full reindex being forced on reboot has returned with a vengeance. This is very dissapointing.

    Can you at least make this optional? I could imagine that people with very few files to index might want a fresh database every time they reboot but for people like me with a very large number of files that take many hours to reindex, the forest reindexing makes the product unusable.

    ANYtxt is such a useful tool otherwise. Thank you for your continued work on this project.

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    Thank you for your verification, this problem should be a BUG, we will fix it as soon as possible.


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    Tim Scully

    At first I thought this problem was resolved in version 1.3.1128. But then I plugged in removable  storage (a thumb drive and a DVD reader) and the forced reindexing on reboot started happening again, when a thumb drive had been plugged in but was removed or possibly when the DVD drive was empty.

    Is it possible that the code is perhaps correctly forcing a reindex of a removable drive but mistakenly expanding that to a complete reindex of all drives? The result is hours of reindexing with my very large number of files. This makes the tool much less useful.

    Thank you for your continued development of this tool.

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