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    Tim Scully

    I am running 1.3.1225 on Windows 11 (after updating from earlier versions). The indexing service starts on system startup. All too often, when I start AnyTXT GUI, it displays the index service startup may take a while dialog again and deletes the index files. I have a very large number of files so it takes hours for a reindexing. This makes the software unusable for hours at a time.

    A separate but related issue: if I run Syncback to synchronize files with a laptop, reindexing is forced. Is there a way to avoid that?




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    Hello,Tim Scully

    For question 1: There will be a dialog box when the indexing service is running. How do you make sure it deletes the index file?

    For question 2: After synchronizing files, Anytxt will process the changed files. If you do not need this process, please stop the service ATService in the system service management.

    Thank you for your feedback.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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