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    Can we make the choice initially to choose whether to index the folder or entire pc? Also, have a configurable menu to switch incase when required

    As soon as i launched the current beta version everything is getting indexed which i don’t want to go

    I want to index only few folder or a folder and it’s sub-folders and not entire PC


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    Hello, please follow the steps below:
    1. Run Anytxt, Tools -> Index Manager -> File Type, and edit the index rules (include path and exclude path);
    2. Stop Anytxt Index Service and exit the Anytxt program completely;
    3. Enter the Anytxt installation directory and delete C.db, D.db…;
    4. Run Anytxt, it will re-index according to the new rules.
    This is how I did it, hope it helps.

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    what a song and dance. why  all this magic tricks to just index a folder

    wish it could be simple configuration setting.

    we will wait for the year 2025. in the mean time just use DOCFETCHER.

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    Hi, Joseph.
    极客’s steps are correct. Anytxt is a free software developed in my spare time. I am busy recently and I couldn’t reply in time, sorry. Thank you for 极客’s reply.


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    Hi, Fibonacci.
    Of course you can use DOCFETCHER, that is your freedom. Also, FileLocator, Lookeen Desktop Search, Copernic Desktop Search Lite…are also good tools.

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    Hello, Joseph.

    This version has the rebuild index feature, please have a try.

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    Para admin: tu programa me parece magnifico de lo mejor que he visto. Tres hurras porel:::


    Lo tengo localizado en mi web:

    AnyText Search – Busqueda de texto

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    Hi, Gerardo. Thank you very much.

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    Donald Ayers

    Home users of Calibre which is capable of adding thousands of books to a home library might be well alerted to exclude the path to the Calibre Library folder least AnyText proceed to grapple with the thousands of books in a variety of formats.  The exclusion list would seem to require exclusion by file type.  So, it seems that the Calibre Library ought at least be excluded by .epub and .pdf file types if not .txt and .mobi.  And it appears that such exclusions would have to be individually made by file type in the Tools section of AnyText.   If I am wrong, please advise.   I can easily imagine a scenario where I am looking up a name such as Robert and AnyText pulling up hundreds if not thousands of the entry of that name from Calibre Library texts.  Pardon if I have missed an easy solution.

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    Many thanks to the author. The software works very well as a free content searcher.

    But I suggest the author to improve the setting workflow in the future when he has time. Obviously, it’s much friendlier to new users and then it can attract more users if you do so.

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    Excellent program. Works well.

    I just want to clarify about only indexing a specific folder (albeit a large one)
    I am using ver 1.3.1030.
    I found a ‘Sync A Folder’ icon and selected that folder.
    Does it then always go to that folder as default when you restart the program, or does it start indexing everything again?
    If you go to “Option/Index Manager/Update Now”, what does it then re-index, the default folder, or my nominated folder?

    Also, I gave a donation through PayPal. It would be handy on the Donation page, to note what will show on the transaction receipt, as I just got some Chinese writing and a name “ming.yuan@..”, which didn’t give me confidence that the funds went to the right place.  Just a thought.

    Thanks. Mostyn

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    This feature of the program is broken. I wanted to use this program to just be able to search my images folder and was unable to.

    The “rebuild index” button doesn’t work properly. After I click it and the program restarts, previously indexed files still show up in the search.

    Manually clearing the index also doesn’t work either because once the C.db/D.db/etc files are deleted, when the program is restarted, it re-adds the default file types in the settings (which search all folders) back and automatically starts indexing, causing the same problem described in the previous paragraph.

    Also, the actual indexing process needs to be reduced in priority. I can barely even use the computer while OCR indexing is happening.

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    Hi, Mostyn. is the right place, thanks for your Donation.
    1 Option/Index Manager/Update Now
    This means syncing files to the index.
    2 Sync A Folder
    This means syncing files in a spec folder to the index.
    3 re-index
    This means deleting all index data first and rebuilding the index database.
    4 If you just want to only indexing a specific folder.
    Go to Option/Index Manager/File type, Ctrl+A select all file types, and click edit to set your folder.


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    Hi, John
    Hello, the OCR function requires a lot of CPU computing power when recognizing pictures. We are looking for a solution.
    Thanks again for your feedback.

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    I was able to temporarily fix the issue with the computer getting bogged down while OCR indexing is happening, by setting the ATOHelper.exe process to Background priority (4), as I suggested in my previous comment.

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