How to Find Word & Excel & PPT Documents by Contents on Your PC

Word, Excel and PPT are part of the Microsoft Office production suite. If your small business has been using Office for some time, you may have hundreds or thousands of Word and Excel and PPT files on your computer. If you limit yourself to browsing all folders, finding the folder you want can be a tedious task. If you try to find Word and Excel files at the same time, this task will become more difficult.

search ‘Documents’ in all PHP files on a PC

Document content search software can perfectly solve this problem, it greatly reduces your search time, allowing you to find the document you want in a short time, even within 1 second. Just like the Google search engine runs on your local hard drive. Google once released a tool called Google Desktop, but later abandoned the project.

Anytxt is a recently released free tool with the same function as Google Desktop, which allows you to quickly search for any file you want to find. If Everything works like a charm on file searching, then Anytxt works like a charm on document content searching.