Desktop Search Engine

How To Change Your Desktop Search Engine

Have you chosen a free desktop search engine after thinking they are what you need? Now they are your default browser’s search engine. The only “minor” issue is that you have no idea how to switch search engines. If that is what you are in need of, you are in luck.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to alter your browser’s default search engine on desktop computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other major online browsers. I can guarantee you that it is quite simple; all it takes is five minutes to implement the guidelines you will discover in the following paragraphs.

Are the “command posts” staffed and ready to go? Yes? Fantastic! Please choose the method that works with your preferred web browser, whether a desktop program or a mobile app and put it into practice to begin performing any searches you desire. I’ll leave you with my best reading wishes and hope you enjoy the book. Let’s get right to it.

How to change the desktop search engine in google chrome

Looking for instructions on how to switch search engines in Google Chrome? If you follow these steps in order, you will achieve your goal without any hassles.

For your desktop device

Changing Firefox’s default search engine on a computer is as simple as opening the browser, clicking the symbol () in the upper right, and selecting Preferences from the resulting menu. Navigate to the new page that opens in your browser, select the Search tab from the left-hand navigation bar, find the Default search engine item, and then use the drop-down menu to choose your preferred search engine.

For your mobile device

Launch the official Firefox app for Android or iOS and then follow the steps. You will learn how to change your default search engine from your mobile device.

Choose the desired search engine by hitting its name and tapping the option Set as default after pressing the symbol () in Android’s upper right after opening the Settings menu.

But on iOS, you must tap the bottom-right icon ( ) to access the Settings menu. Then, choose the Search menu option, tap the current default search engine, and tap the desired search engine’s name to make it your permanent default.

Choose the Add search engine option (from the Search screen), type the search engine’s name in the Title text box, and paste the search engine’s address (replace the search key with %s) into the Address field to add a search engine that is not previously established. To complete, choose Save from the file menu in the top right.

How to change the desktop search engine on Safari


Do you frequently use Safari on your Mac and consider yourself an Apple devotee? Let me explain how to alter your Mac’s and iOS device’s default search provider.

For your desktop device

Have a Mac and want to switch the default search engine in Safari? Launch the browser’s preferences and click the Safari menu item in the upper left (next to the Apple logo in the menu bar) to access it.

Choose the search engine you like to use by clicking on its name in the drop-down menu that appears after choosing the Search tab and then the Search button.

You may change the default search engine in Safari by downloading the AnySearch extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery and selecting the Install Now option. After finishing, open Safari’s preferences by clicking the Safari menu’s gear icon in the upper left corner and then clicking the Extensions tab. From there, click the AnySearch button in the left sidebar.

Choose a default search engine from the drop-down menu, or select Custom from the Search engine option and enter the address of your preferred search engine in the area below.

For your mobile device

Start the Settings app (the one with the gear symbol on the Home screen), tap the Safari item, and then hit the Search engine item to modify your preferred search engine while on the go with your iPhone or iPad. In the new window, choose Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo as your search engine.

How to switch desktop search engine on Microsoft Edge

Want to switch your default search engine to Windows 10’s built-in Edge browser? I’ll put my money on the fact that you can accomplish this with ease on both your Windows 10 desktop and the Microsoft-made mobile browser.

For your desktop device

Start Edge on your Windows 10 Computer, navigate to the site you wish to use as your default search engine, click the (…) icon in the upper right, and select Settings from the resulting menu. Go to the bottom of the displayed menu and hit the See Advanced settings button.

Find the Search item in the address bar that reads “[name of the search engine being used],” then click the Change search engine button, choose the search engine you wish to use going forward, and finally click the Set as button default. And you call that easy?

Be aware that the aforementioned steps will only be effective if you use a search engine that supports OpenSearch technology. In such a case, you might not be able to make it your default search provider.

For your mobile device

The mobile Edge browser, which is compatible with iOS, Android, and (obviously) Windows 10 Mobile, allows you to swap up your default search engine for one you choose. Select the gear icon (three dots) in the lower right corner to access the settings.

Choose your preferred search engine by tapping the Default search engine option in your Android settings. Nevertheless, to change the default search engine on iOS, go to Settings > Safari > Search > Others… > search engine > search engine name > Finish. At this time, Google is the only search engine accessible on iOS.

How to change the desktop search engine in Internet Explorer

Suppose you’re using Microsoft’s outdated Internet Explorer web browser on a Windows Computer. In that case, you may alter your default search engine in the following way: Initiate your browser by clicking the icon to the left of the address bar and then select Add from the drop-down option that appears (precisely in the lower right corner). When the website appears, look for the Add to Internet Explorer link and then click on the name of the search engine you wish to choose as your default.

After finishing, place a checkmark next to the relevant item. Add the search engine you choose above by clicking the Add button and using the provider’s suggested queries. Finally, select the desired search engine by clicking the button again () in Explorer’s address bar. And you call that easy?